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The development of information and communications technologies remains a major objective for the Government of Benin.

However, while the use of the information carried by the Internet and ICT is growing in many activities and becomes a decisive factor in sustainable socio-economic development, the contribution of the Internet tool in the development of the digital economy Benin remains to be demonstrated.

The digital economy which includes telecommunications, the Internet and other industries that use them as core or support for their activities is the most dynamic component of the global economy. It has a growth rate of up to twice that of the other components of the national economy in most developed countries.

In such a context, the development of Internet becomes crucial as it generates the development and growth of other sectors, and participates to the production of goods and information services. Moreover it creates job opportunities.


ISOCEL, an Internet service provides active on the local and sub-regional market, provides since 2008 broadband connection to individuals, SMEs and Large Enterprises. The company also provides digital data transmission solutions, server hosting, interconnection of remote sites and other customized solutions

The network of ISOCEL mainly covers the cities of Cotonou, Porto-Novo and their surroundings. Thirty points of presence are located across the country enabling it to offer on-demand services across Benin. Through its international points of presence and its partnerships with various operators, ISOCEL can also provide services in some West African countries and Europe.

The arrival of the ACE submarine cable to Benin in 2015 is a major breakthrough that allowed ISOCEL to acquire large capacities in international bandwidth and gradually offer people the opportunity to have access to a broadband, unlimited, reliable and secure connection.

The upcoming availability of these new capacities, estimated at 2 X 10 Gigabit or 20,000 Megabits between Cotonou, London and Paris, will result in a substantial decrease of costs of the Internet.

The “ISOSPOT” project is the first phase of an extensive investment plan to build new access networks and deliver broadband Internet traffic to residential clients and to businesses.


ISOSPOT is a new product designed by ISOCEL which facilitates the Internet access via Wi-Fi in a specific coverage area. The first area covered by the network “ISOSPOT” is the area Fidjrossè. In order to create a local access network in this coverage area of several square kilometers, a hundred micro-stations or hotspots were installed on utility poles every fifty meters. Subsequently, the network “ISOSPOT” will gradually extend to other areas of Cotonou and its surroundings.


This service is meant for all users who have an ISOCEL customer account and who wish to have Internet access at home, at work or on the move, without any volume limitation and from any Smartphone, tablet or laptop that has Wi-Fi. Customers can also use a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) that they can buy from an ISOCEL business center or a Point of Sale.


Customers can benefit from ISOSPOT, simply by:

  1. Being a holder of an ISOCEL account (or opening an account at the nearest business center)
  2. Being present in the coverage area of “ISOSPOT”
  3. Connecting to the “ISOSPOT” network identified by the Wi-Fi of your terminal
  4. Logging in to your account from the ISOCEL platform
  5. Choosing the package that suits you: hourly, daily or weekly

After following these 5 steps, the user can start to surf freely.


Selecting and activating the service is very simple. ISOCEL has different packages at a very affordable price suitable to the needs in specific to the speed that each customer desires. There are three types of packages:

  1. Hourly package: 100f
  2. Daily package: 500f
  3. Weekly package: 200f


By the end of the first phase, the “ISOSPOT” network will be deployed rapidly in several other areas of Cotonou and its surroundings so that all users can benefit.